Erdvark Dry White Wine

dry wine

The answer may not lie at the bottom of this bottle, but you could at least attempt to verify it.

Did you know that an aardvark is a solitary animal that uses its schnozzle to sniff out food? That’s a given really. Just look at that nose! What is really interesting though is that they need never drink water. Their diets see them obtain enough moisture to keep them going. This fact doesn’t stop them from partaking in a sip of the wet stuff though when the time comes. We can drink to that notion - never pass up a good drink!

white wine of south africa
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The Erdvark isn’t that much different to its more realistic cousin actually. The only real difference is that they don’t mind being social and actually enjoy being in company with at least one other person. All that person (or persons) needs is a glass, and a taste for a dry white Colombar/Sauvignon Blanc wine with tones of tropical fruit and peaches. You can’t fault the sound of that.


* DROLL - Amusing, but not in a way you expect