Jackalls Sauvignon Blanc Dry White Wine

Jackalls likes it dry!

Jackals are interesting characters. They choose to live in very dry climates, and often live in packs of about six. Some jackals prefer to go at it alone. The jackals that pair up tend to do everything together as well. And, lastly, some jackals are nocturnal whilst others are diurnal. Their behaviours tend to mimic human activities if you ask us.

wines white

Likewise the Jackalls that is found on our Sauvignon Blanc also likes it dry. What’s more, this cheerful chap doesn’t mind being alone or being social, and doesn’t judge you for choosing to be either or neither. They don’t mind when their wine is consumed as well (how nice).

Speaking of wine (of course), we failed to mention that the Sauvignon Blanc is an aromatic, full bodied wine that has hints of melon and figs. An elegant, lingering finish leaves you wanting more which is rather similar to the way we are when enjoying a glass (or three). We thought it appropriate to have the Jackalls on our Sauvignon Blanc for these reasons. We’re sure you approve!

sauvignon blanc wine

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