Dassie Dry Red Wine


This wine can be enjoyed on all days that end in "Y"

The hyrax, better known here in South Africa as dassies,  are social animals found near rocky outcrops. When watched, they appear to be lazy – they often soak up the afternoon sun whilst catching 40 winks.  Dassies are known to “sing” and findings from research dictate that these songs are not without pattern. They are planned by the animal to sound as they do, like they do. 

wine dry red

Our Dassie Dry Red is a fruity Ruby Cabernet/Pinotage   wine (with hints of rich plum and berry fruit) that we consider easy to drink. This makes it a perfect sociable wine (if you feel the need to, no pressure) that emulates a dassie’s way of life. That’s partly the reason why ol’ Dassie is on the bottle. The other reason? It has a ring to it, Dassie Dry Red. Know what I’m saying?



*DROLL – Amusing, but not in a way you expect